All of our lashes are made of synthetic fibers also known as "Korean silk" in the lash industry. The material feels just as soft as silk and they feel so natural just because of the high quality of material and the special 3D technique they are made off, not as the normal synthetic lashes you can find in basic stores.

Therefore, we are proud and happy to say our lashes are 100% cruelty free and vegan! We do not support the horrible mink and fur industry. We know there are many companies who claim that they sell cruelty free mink lashes but we also know that many use suppliers from China and many minks live in very bad conditions and in small boxes (we have seen pictures). We think that is animal abuse and we will never encourage that! 

are the lashes REUSABLE?

Of course, our lashes are reusable! Due to the high quality of material you can reuse them up to 20 times if you treat them with good care. Always remove the glue carefully from the lashes with some hot water (do NOT put water on the lashes only on the glue!). Don't sleep with your lashes because of the risk to damage them. Store your lashes in your lash box. 


1 . Be gental when removing your lashes from the box. You can use a tweezer to make it easier.

2 . Make sure the lashes fits your eyelid, if they’re too long you can cut them with a scissor if necessary.

3 . To get the most natural look where the false eyelashes blends in with your natural lashes, we recommend to put on mascara and eyeliner before applying your false eyelashes, but of course you decide what you like.

4 . We also recommend to use the “DUO adhesive as we think this is the best glue to use. Apply a small amount of glue and let it dry for a few seconds (not completely dry, just to get the glue firmer), if you want it to go faster you can gently blow on the glue to make it dry. It becomes easier for the eyelashes to stick if the glue has dried a little before applying them.

5 . Apply the lashes on the eyelid with your fingers or with a tweezer, you decide what’s easiest for you. Apply the lashes as close to your lash line as possible so you don’t get any gap between your own lashes and the false lashes because it will show. When you have put the lashes where you want them to be let them dry for a few more seconds.

6 . You’re ready to look fabulous!


Remove your lashes every night with a q-tip with warm water or makeup remover on and gently take them off.



It’s very important to take care of your lashes if you want to be able to reuse them as many times as possible. Do not sleep with your lashes, gently pull off the leftovers of adhesive with hot water and store your lashes in your lash box. 



No, the false lashes will not harm your natural lashes if you apply and remove your false lashes correctly.